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Recently my family and I were heading back to Nanaimo from a few relaxing days of golf on the Lower Mainland when the starter went in my truck and we were in the ferry line-up at Horseshoe Bay. A few profanities later I called Dave at Tim’s Auto and pleaded for help. The first thing Dave said was “don’t worry Eva, we will get this all figured out.” After a few mechanical questions Dave determined that it was not the battery, nor was it the alternator, but most likely the starter. Dave suggested that we tap on the starter, which is located under the engine, while one of us tries to start the truck so see if we can get it going again. We were not exactly sure what a starter looks like so Dave sent us a picture of it. We tapped and no go! A Tow truck was called and Dave had the truck sent to the Midas repair shop in North Vancouver. We walked on the ferry and the next morning Dave collaborated with Midas about the diagnosis, even ordering the starter under my account here, which in turn saved me some money. This all happened after Dave’s shop was closed and he still took the time to take care of his customer! Awesome customer service and super honest establishment, in fact, Tim’s Automotive is simply outstanding!! Thanks again Dave.