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I moved to Nanaimo in the fall of 2015 and shortly after went to Tim’s Automotive on a recommendation to have my 2008 PT Cruiser tuned up and safety checked to transfer over to BC. The service was friendly, fast, thorough, and economical. I’ve since moved all of my automotive needs to Tim’s. Everyone working there is absolutely great. Dave always checks around to find the best deal on parts and he sure has a wide ranging and comprehensive network of partners and suppliers to draw from. He always checks with me before doing any serious amount of labour or when he simply knows a job could get expensive. The mechanics are wonderful. My ten year old car is purring like a kitten for the first time in years. They often clean up my car after working on it. They drive me home and pick me up while working on my car. They partner with HB Towing, so a pick-up of my car when needed is hassle free and simply added to my final bill with Tim’s, which is a huge amount of peace of mind. They follow up on the service they provide and they stand by their work, which is always pleasantly rare to find. They are also active in the local community, which is really nice to see. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a local automotive shop I really trust. Tim’s Automotive are good people, offering good, honest service.